Sustainable and Inclusive Fisheries and Livelihoods (SIFAL)

In Cambodia, the Sustainable and Inclusive Fisheries in the Great Lake (SIFAL) project aims to increase the organisational and technical capacities of multiple stakeholders in Kampong Thom and Kampong Chnnang provinces. ICCO's specific activities focus on ensuring increased opportunities for fishermen in the two provinces to develop aquaculture and alternative livelihoods.

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Communities in Kampong Chhnang and Kampong Thom have relied on catching wild fish as a source of income or as a supplement to other farm activities for most of their lives; although in more recent years this source has become increasingly more competitive and unsustainable. Having relied on this form of livelihood, communities have had little experience and exposure to other livelihood activities, such as aquaculture, and fishermen have also had little opportunity to build on the skills needed to develop alternative livelihoods, such as assessing market opportunities and access to credit.

As communities continue to face challenges with relying on catching wild fish, introducing alternative livelihoods (including aquaculture) provides a good opportunity to improve the situation of individual fishers as well as to protect the existing fish stock.
Sustainable and Inclusive Fisheries and Livelihoods (SIFAL)

Goals overview

- Economic Empowerment (Other)
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