Violence Prevention and Improvement of Opportunities for Youth

The current project proposal is aimed to strengthen the social leadership of adolescents and indigenous youth in the department of Retalhuleu, Guatemala. Its specific objectives are to generate conditions that promote good living in the communities of Retalhuleu; and to promote the social, political and legal recognition of the rights of indigenous adolescents and youth from the department of Retalhuleu.

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CEIPA is an organization of the Guatemalan Civil Society, that for 25 years, has carried out its actions in the South-West region of Guatemala. CEIPA was founded based on principles and values of human rights and for that reason promotes economic, social, political and cultural rights of children, especially adolescents linked to labor force, and youth from the south-western Guatemala.

CEIPA has been a local partner by participating in the program: More opportunities, more rights for youth in Guatemala and Nicaragua, financed by Kerk in Actie since 2016. The program is aimed to strengthening social leadership among indigenous youths in Guatemala and Nicaragua from a gender, rights-based and pertinent cultural approach.

The program focuses in the following main lines of action:

- Economic empowerment;
- Lobby, advocacy and political participation; and
- Violence prevention.

With their previous project implemented in the 2016-2017, CEIPA has strengthened capacities and skills among groups of rural youth in Retalhuleu, with the ultimate goal of finding sustainable livelihoods, as well as strengthening citizenship and leadership with identity.
Violence Prevention and Improvement of Opportunities for Youth

Target group

- 305 female youths.
- 305 male youths.
- 250 adult women.
- 250 adult men.
- 5 communities.


The sustainability strategy contemplates the following areas:

- The results expected under the advocacy component are intertwined and complementary with the work, which will be advanced in the economic empowerment component. This guarantees a stronger approach and more potential of success;
- The projects main bet on sustainability, is presented in My First Job scholarships, which will provide direct and immediate benefits for participant youth, but are also expected to establish long term commitments in the companies involved. Furthermore, the project aims to encourage that local and national authorities will undertake good practices emerging from the project in order to replicate it within their own programs and budgets.

Goals overview

- WDKK (Output)
- WDKK (Impact)
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