Evaluators for External End Evaluation Civic Engagement Alliance

Civic Engagement Alliance, one of ICCO’s programs, is looking for evaluators to conduct an end evaluation of its strategic partnership with The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Advocating for an equal and just society”. The evaluator is expected to team up with consultants (preferably from own network), based in the 3-4 countries to be selected for this evaluation.

Evaluators for External End Evaluation Civic Engagement Alliance

The Civic Engagement Alliance solicits for Expressions of Interest (EoI) from qualified evaluators / evaluation teams to carry out the external end evaluation of the 5 year Strategic Partnership we are currently executing with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) and the Civic Engagement Alliance are involved in a Strategic Partnership ‘Dialogue and Dissent’ which aims to ensure that in and by this partnership civil society organizations (CSOs) and civil society at large, both in the ‘global south’ as well as in the overall global context, can contribute to decreasing inequality and injustice in societies and work towards inclusive development.

The Alliance, a collaboration between Dutch and Southern CSOs, is made up of trade unions, education and development organizations, linked to (Christian) organizations and constituencies in the Netherlands and other similar international networks. The Alliance’s members contribute their expertise in the fields of
inclusive development, capacity development, labor rights, strengthening small-scale farmers, vocational training and working with the private sector, with a focus on the agri-food sector. The current program focuses on capacity development for Lobby and Advocacy, and Lobby and advocacy itself

The evaluation

The purpose of the evaluation is to strengthen effective future implementation of lobby and advocacy initiatives by the Civic Engagement Alliance, based on learning from the actual results and the (effectivity of the) implementation strategies followed. The evaluation will give equal attention to learning and accountability.

Call for expression of interest

Parties interested to carry out his evaluation are invited to submit a brief one-page Expression of Interest document. The one-pager is to be accompanied by a current CV (also for each of the team members), with an explanation of their potential roles and expertise in relation to the evaluation as well as an indication of the consultancy fees of both the Northern and the country teams. The EoI should clearly illustrate your experience with and added value to this evaluation, especially with regards to:

  • the two implementation strategies of the program, capacity development for lobby and advocacy, and lobby and advocacy itself related to the CEA program
  • measuring of the results of lobby and advocacy
  • taking a gender lens and taking disability into account
  • evaluations in multi-countries, on multi-level with local teams
  • any key standards or principles the evaluators adhere to in their work

The applicant is expected to be the lead and take responsibility for the final evaluation report.
Given the nature of the program at least one of the evaluators should be Dutch speaking and based in the Netherlands.

Deadline for the submission of EoIs is November 22, 2019, 24.00 hr, CET time. Please submit an EoI to Mrs. Ingrid Habets (i.habets@icco.nl). For any questions you may contact Dieneke de Groot (d.degroot@icco.nl).

Selection process

Based on the Expression of Interest, beginning of December 2019 a call for proposals and the terms of reference will be sent to a selection of candidates (3-4) who have shown interest through their EoI and who best fit the above mentioned criteria. Selection will be made in January; start of the evaluation is in February 2020. The final report is due in October 2020.

FAQs Expression of Interest End Evaluation CEA program


1. Could you send me the Terms of Reference (ToR)?

The ToR for the evaluation assignment will be sent to a selection of candidates who have shown interest through their Expression of Interest.

2. What are the countries where field work will be carried out?

The provisional selection of the countries for the field work: Myanmar, Benin, Uganda, EU/NL.

3. Can you give some indications for the envisaged team composition?

We foresee to work with a kind of core team of (inter)national evaluators which is complemented with additional members based in the proposed countries for fieldwork.

4. Regarding the question on the consultancy fees.

For this stage of the call it will suffice to give the daily fees of each of the proposed members

5. Indication of the budget or expected number of days for the consultancy.

This information is part of the phase of the proposal writing. We assume that consultants writing an EoI, and familiar with evaluations in the field of L&A will be able to make an upfront educated guess of the number of days needed in an evaluation involving 4 countries.

6. Can the Dutch speaker be based outside the Netherlands

Knowing that one of the case studies will be NL / EU, it is up to the potential team to decide whether to work with an Dutch speaking consultant based inside or outside the Netherlands. This is of course also a budget question.